HPS 1040 Caffeine Case Study Part 1

HPS 1040 Caffeine Case Study Part 1 - 3. What are common...

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Katie Flint HPS 1040 Kliem 2.19.2011 1. List three common foods/drinks that are sources of caffeine. How much caffeine is found in each? Coffee- Coffee beans naturally have caffeine. Depending on the strength/type of coffee, the amount of caffeine varies between 133mg and 320mg. Chocolate- Uses cacao, which naturally has caffeine in it. Chocolate has about 9-31 mg of caffeine, depending on how dark the chocolate is (milk vs. special dark). Black Tea- Caffeine is a common chemical found in tea leaves as well as coffee beans and cacao. Black tea normally has about 53 mg of caffeine. 2. What is the chemical structure of caffeine? What class of chemical molecules does caffeine belong to? Caffeine contains two carbon and nitrogen rings as well as bonds with 3 methyl groups, 3 oxygen double bonds and one hydroxide group. Caffeine is a bitter xanthine alkaloid.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What are common physiological effects of caffeine consumption? Caffeinc can cause your heart to beat faster and work harder, it can quicken your breath but if you drink to much, it can make your hands shake and could give you a headache or stomachache. 4. Where in the body does caffeine act? Caffeine is a stimulant in the central nervous system, the cardiac muscle and the respiratory system. It also acts as a diuretic, so it affects the bladder muscles. 5. Propose reasons why Alex and Jenna feel the need to consume caffeine while Sally does not. Why does Jenna feel that she needs more caffeine than Alex? Caffeine is mildly addicting, but when used excessively, one could feel a psychological need for caffeine. They must be experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as stomachaches, headaches and irritability....
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