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Katie Flint Michelle Kliem HPS 1040, TR 9:35-10:25 27 February 2011 Diet Essay: United States vs. India Depending on the geographical location and the urbanization of a certain country, diet makes or breaks the overall health of a population. Whether it may be a diet full of street vendors and meats that one would not know where they have been originated, or if the diet is strict as to what to eat and when to eat it. Religion can also be a director when it comes to diet, making certain foods “unholy” or “unclean.” The United States and India are two completely different diets for different reasons, some of
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Unformatted text preview: those reasons being urbanization, location and religion. Although the United States is considered the “melting pot” of the world, the diet is rather consistent because of the urbanization throughout the country. The urbanization and fast paced life of an American calls for food “on the go” which gives way for several fast food chains to open up. However, these fast food chains don't exactly have the greatest nutritional value. Unlike in the United States, India has a mostly vegetarian diet because of religious purposes...
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