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HPS 1040 Gatorade Extra Credit

HPS 1040 Gatorade Extra Credit - and promotes constant...

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Katie Flint HPS 1040 Extra Credit MK Gatorade Article Review Article: Helping Athletes Survive 2 a Day Practices A brief overview, in your own words . This article is a roundtable of several coaches from well-known football colleges talking about what are the best methods to keep athletes performing their best during days with multiple practices. Methods discussed include very structured days, specific diets and pre-conditioning to the practices. Each coach has a different method to their 2 or 3 a day practices, all of them effective. Your comments on the significance of this article. The majority of this article discusses several topics that we discussed in class (nutrition, weight control, sleep). For example, the strict schedule includes at least 8 hours of sleep, which helps a person regulate their sleep schedule. Also, they have barely any time to themselves, they are constantly busy, which prevents use of alcohol
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Unformatted text preview: and promotes constant focus on their athletic careers. Why you chose this particular article. Being an athlete in high school, I always complained about 2 a day practices for volleyball, but looking at this article, it made me realize that it was for my own good. I also always wondered how college athletes have the time to juggle classes, social life and practices throughout the year. This also includes those days with multiple practices a day Your own reactions and opinions regarding the work. I really like how each coach had their own opinions and methods to 2 a days, and that not only does this apply to football, but to all sports. This idea of practices is universal to all sports, and the input of top college coaches gives coaches of developing high school teams inspiration to make their teams the best they can be....
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