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Katie Flint HPS 1040 TR 9:35-10:25 GTID:902600369 Family Tree Assignment Disease/Condition: High Blood Pressure 1) What are the risk factors? High Blood Pressure, also known as hypertension has a long list of risk factors: 1. Age 2. Race 3. Weight (being overweight or obese) 4. Family History 5. Physical Activity (specifically lack thereof) 6. Use of Tobacco 7. Too much sodium in your diet 8. Too little vitamin D in your diet 9. Drinking too much alcohol 10. Stress 11. Certain chronic conditions (diabetes, sleep apnea, kidney disease, high cholesterol) 12. Too little potassium in your diet 2) What are the signs and symptoms? 1. People sometimes experience dizziness, dull headaches and an unusual amount of nosebleeds during the early stages of high blood pressure, but these can also occur when the condition becomes severe or even life threatening. 3) How many people suffer from high blood pressure? 1.
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