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HPS1040 Psych EC Results

HPS1040 Psych EC Results - when one thinks that they have...

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Psych Survey/Hostility Extra Credit Katie Flint HPS 1040 Kliem Summary of Results Myers-Briggs Indicator My Meyers-Briggs results were ENTJ, which stands for extrovert, intuition, thinking and judging. The example description of an ENTJ was a field marshal. ENTJ's are commanding and direct in conversation, and tend to make great leaders. They thrive in leadership roles that ask for new strategies to be made and complex systems to be analyzed. ENTJ's demand structure in all aspects of life whether it may be in the household or in the workplace. This is similar to my personality because I am extremely extroverted, and I like to keep things organized when I work. Locus of Control Survey I have an internal locus of control, which explains a lot about my M-B personality, being someone who is demanding in the workplace and direct in relationships. An internal locus of control is
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Unformatted text preview: when one thinks that they have control over most situations, sometimes those that they truly don't. My score on the survey was 70, which fell under the “Internal locus of Control” category, nothing strong or too neutral. Anger/Hostility Results My Anger-Hostility scores are the following: Cynicism __4___ Anger ___3__ Aggression __1___ Total Hostility _8____ The majority of my score was in the Cynicism category, which explains some of my outlooks on life and my sense of humor. However, the score isn't high enough to be of concern. My anger and hostility scores were relatively low, making me not an angry person. My scores in general mean that I don't have an angry personality and that it does take a lot to make me lose my temper....
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