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LocusofControlSurvey - Locus of Control Julian Rotter(1966...

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Locus of Control Julian Rotter (1966) devised a locus of control personality test to assess the extent to which an individual possesses internal or external reinforcement beliefs. Terry Pettijohn, the author of Psychology: A ConnecText , has developed the following test based on Rotter's original idea. Indicate for each statement whether it is T (true) or F (false) for you. There are no right or wrong answers. This survey will give you a general idea of where you stand on the locus of control personality dimension. 1) I usually get what I want in life. T F 2) I need to be kept informed about news events. T F 3) I never know where I stand with other people. T F 4) I do not really believe in luck or chance. T F 5) I think that I could easily win a lottery. T F 6) If I do not succeed on a task, I tend to give up. T F 7) I usually convince others to do things my way. T F 8) People make a difference in controlling crime. T F 9) The success I have is largely a matter of chance. T F 10) Marriage is largely a gamble for most people. T F 11) People must be the master of their own fate.
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