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file:////home/vdimitrov/26574/c2cb6c896623f82125afac9f34e5dd1480a450cd.xls/9-4 Journal Entries 08/02/2011 Page 401 9-4.  Specific Ledger/Fund Description   Debits   Credits   Debits    Journal Entries CITY OF LYNNWOOD  1  General Fund fiscal year Budget adopted  GF Estimated Revenues 2,000,000 Appropriations 1,990,000 Budgetary Fund Balance 10,000 2 Property taxes levied; estimated uncollectible GF Taxes Receivable—Current 1,940,000 Estimated Uncollectible Current Taxes 9,000 Revenues 1,931,000 GA 1,940,000 Estimated Uncollectible Current Taxes General Revenues— Property Taxes 3 GF Transfer Cash and Equipment to the Internal Service Fund GF Other Financing Uses—Interfund Transfers Out 25,000 Cash 25,000 ISF Cash Equipment Accumulated Depreciation Transfers In 4 Donated $800K securities; earned $40K PF Investments—Marketable Securities 800,000 Revenues—Contributions For Endowment 800,000 Cash 40,000 Revenues—Investment Earnings 40,000 PF Other Financing Uses - interfund Transfers Out 40,000 Cash 40,000 SRF Cash 40,000 Other Financing Sources-Interfund transfers in 40,000 GA Investments—Marketable Securities 800,000 General Revenues— Contributions For Endowment Cash 40,000
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Chat6 Solutions Worksheet 9-4 etc - Page 401 9-4...

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