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Chat1 Templates for upload - Problem13pg34matching...

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3d34904925b6f5e8e96c8d8981d223887b04dcb1.xlsx/ 1-3 Matching template Problem 1-3 pg 34 matching Activities or Funds Basis of Accounting Governmental activties- GA Accrual - A Business-type activities - BTA odified accrual - MA Governmental funds - GF Proprietary funds - PF Measurement Focus Fuduciary funds - FF nomic resources - ER Financial Statements Statements of net assets- government wide Statement of Activities – government wide Balance sheet – government funds Statement of Net Assets – proprietary funds Statement of Cash flows – proprietary funds Statement of fiduciary net assets Statement of changes in fiduciary net assets Key is: Activities or Funds: Governmental Activities – GA Business type activities – BTA Governmental Funds – GF Proprietary funds – PF Fiduciary Funds- FF Basis of Accounting: Accrual- A Modified Accrual- MA Measurement Focus: Economic resources- ER
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This note was uploaded on 08/01/2011 for the course ACCT 434 taught by Professor Mcclellan during the Spring '11 term at National.

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Chat1 Templates for upload - Problem13pg34matching...

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