Week _13 _Nov 20 and Dec 2_

Week _13 _Nov 20 and Dec 2_ - Final exam: The final exam...

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OPRS 235a, fall of 2010 Week #13 Class #24. Tuesday, Nov. 30. We will continue our discussion of Chapter 20 in this class. Class #25. Thursday, Dec. 2. We will discuss Chapter 16 in this class. Assignment #10 , due on Thursday, December 2. Do these three problems at the end of Chapter 20: #6 , #7 , #10 . Remark: For at least one of these problems, it is helpful to observe that the KKT conditions are statements about partial derivatives , e.g., the partial derivative of the objective with respect to a specific decision variables equals a nonnegative linear combination of the partial derivatives of the binding constraints with respect to that decision variable.
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Unformatted text preview: Final exam: The final exam will be an open-book open-notes take home, as was the midterm. • You may take it in the three-day (72 hour) interval of your choice. • No interval can begin earlier than noon on Friday, December 3, and no interval can end later than noon on Friday, December 17. • You can pick up your exam from Ms. Vanessa Epps (Room 510 DL) or Mr. Denardo (Room 502 DL) during normal business hours on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday. • If you seek to take the exam during an irregular interval (e.g., one that starts on Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday), you must make a prior and private arrangement with Mr. Denardo....
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