Week _12 _Nov 16 and 18_-1

Week _12 _Nov 16 and 18_-1 - midterm. • You may take it...

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OPRS 235a, fall of 2010 Week #12 Class #22. Tuesday, Nov. 16. We will discuss Chapter 19 in this class. Class #23. Thursday, Nov. 18. We will discuss Chapter 20 in this class. . . Assignment #9 , due on Thursday, November 18. Do these three problems: Chapter 17, #2, Chapter 17, #5, Chapter 17, # 6, Chapter 18, #1, Chapter 18, #6 . Remark: Problem #6 in Chapter 18 is similar to an example in that chapter. Final exam: The final exam will be an open-book open-notes take home, as was the
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Unformatted text preview: midterm. • You may take it in an “interval” of your choice. • Each student can take it in the interval of her/his choice. • No interval can begin earlier than noon on Friday, December 3. • No interval can end later than noon on Friday, December 17. • The interval will be either three days (72 hours) or four days (96 hours) in length. • Their length will be announced before the last class....
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