Narrative Essay - ReturningtoSchool ReturningtoSchool...

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Returning to School 1    Returning to School Jerald Brooks ENG 121: ENGLISH COMPOSITION Professor Ellen Quinn September, 24 2008
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Returning to School 2 School has always been a factor of excellence for me, reasoning to broaden my learning skills. Through life I have encountered many problems within school to where I had to struggle. Struggling in school was too much of a problem for me as it is because of my dyslexia. My dyslexia has been a burden on my academic career. A child struggling in a normal class in fourth grade is a hard task to complete. I barely made it through school with a juvenile attitude towards graduation. I had to transfer away from normal classes to a much smaller class to have one on one reaction and tutoring from my teachers. In ninth grade I became involved in the program “Upward Bound”. This program came out of Virginia Tech and it reaches out to students. This program has played a big part in my life; I was a school delinquent to where I refused to
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Narrative Essay - ReturningtoSchool ReturningtoSchool...

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