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Research Proposal - information needed. I lean them on to...

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Research Proposal 1 Jerald Brooks Research Proposal ENG 122: English Composition II Christine Hilger 01/02/2009
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Research Proposal 2 The way that I plan on conducting my research is to look for the best source. I will look up on search engines plus the library for knowledgeable sources to help me with my paper. The reason I have chosen this particular degree in business is that I can continue my promotional skills. Business promotions are important when you want to get a product known and sold. I enjoy doing everything in which I can to overcome the obstacles when promoting items. Everything I know and learned are self taught with no schooling or tutors. Within the business world I believe that when you want something done to do it yourself. This way you know it is done properly. The things in which I plan to write are things I have researched and that I know. I am certain that there are things about business that I don’t know. I do a little promoting for Ashford for free to get new students inline. In doing so I gain good friends and help them get all the right
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Unformatted text preview: information needed. I lean them on to the right people that can help them in any problem that they may have. Doing this project for Ashford is also helping me reach my goals, not just a promoter but a sales person. In the business market you must know how to sale the person onto the product you are releasing. If you do not sale the person then your idea will foreclose and go under. I tell everyone that I am in college for Business Administration and they have no shock because they knew that I looked like the type to conduct great business. There are tones of different forms of business promoting. A few in which deals with telemarketing. People just like myself hang up on telemarketers because they are rather Research Proposal 3 annoying. Promotional sales and music promotions is what I been focusing on for the last seven years. I love promoting signed and unsigned artist and make then known by unheard ears....
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Research Proposal - information needed. I lean them on to...

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