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Written Response - Week 2

Written Response - Week 2 - Jerald Brooks ASHFORD EXP 105...

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Jerald Brooks ASHFORD EXP 105: PERSONAL DIMENSIONS OF EDUCATION Instructor: Michelle Davis July 15, 2008 Through chapter one I have found a new meaning for my life. I have found out I am quite a few things. I am Word Smart for I enjoy conversation among other people and enjoy having them laugh on a daily basis. When a person is down and out and upset about certain things in their life, I reach out to my highest advantage to make them laugh. Which also makes me People Smart. When A person encounters a problem in their life I reach out and do all that I can for them. I give every piece of my being to make sure they have what they need no matter what it is. I am very open minded to everyone and to their needs. I would rather someone else haven a meal before I would myself. In life I became well known to my friends as a supporter, For I put everything of mine on the line. I would rather give up what I have so that other people would have that has nothing. I love to work with kids and people, I find myself very
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