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Jerald Brooks ASHFORD EXP 105: PERSONAL DIMENSIONS OF EDUCATION Instructor: Michelle Davis July 22, 2008 Learning my Learning Style has helped me with my learning problems. By this I am able to concentrate a lot more on my studies and accomplish my academic goals. I have struggled all through my life in learning but now the door is opened a lot more for me to learn. I have always tried my best in school no matter how frustrated I became. I used to throw down the book I was reading then gave up. I have grown stronger in learning, This course is making my learning become a lot easier. In life I have always let people get me down about my learning styles. I have grown out of that problem and have made my biggest accomplishment. This accomplishment was reading my first novel. I didn't give up until I finished the entire book. I feel a lot better about my learning strategies. I know a few people with the same problem that I have faced as a child. With my experience I will be able to help the doors
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