JeraldBrooks_homework_unit2 - within this unit. This theory...

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Evolution of Management 1 JeraldBrooks_homework_unit2 Evolution of Management Jerald Brooks MT140 Introduction to Management - 28AU Professor: Joyce Boone September 02, 2009
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Evolution of Management 2 The behavioral approach stressing the importance of people’s needs, and attitudes within formal organizations. Professor Elton Mayo began conducting experiments to determine what circumstances in the workplace that had the best worker output. From the change of hours worked, change in lighting, rest periods, assertive pays and lunches. These circumstances had no conductive output. Therefore the workers began to lose their shyness with their managers. They began to feel valued by their co-workers, and supervisors. Having good social relationships with co-workers and supervisors is what conducted good output. I enjoyed learning about the behavioral approach
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Unformatted text preview: within this unit. This theory is more important, without speaking to one another a worker can become lost. When being lost within the work place, the quotas will begin to rapidly drop. Having good communication skills is imperative within the work place. Knowledge ability is also a factor within the work place. Seeing a co-worker struggling can bring importance in fixing the issue. When a co-worker is struggling try helping them understand the situations within the obstacle at hand. Conducting a safe, well organized work environment helps co-workers, and supervisors feel at ease with their future end over’s. When a problem persists within the work environment, a co-worker, or a supervisor must address the issue with the managers. In doing so, there will be less stress which will be in the work environment....
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JeraldBrooks_homework_unit2 - within this unit. This theory...

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