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1 Chapter Question Week 4 Kathleen Brehm SCI 207 Professor Morillion August 2, 2011
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Chapter Question Week 4 Ch10 Practice Quiz 1: Describe the path a molecule of water might follow through the hydrologic cycle from the ocean to land and back again. Water evaporates from moist surfaces, falls as rain or snow, passes through living organisms, and then returns to the ocean. (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008, p.233) Ch10 Practice Quiz 5: Describe at least one example of the environmental costs of water diversion from river to farms or cities. The loss of fishing and farming from village relocation. (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008. p. 239) Ch10 Practice Quiz 6: Explain the difference between point and nonpoint pollution. Which is harder to control? Why? Point pollution is the pollution from specific places and identifiable, where as nonpoint sources are areas where it is not easy to track and find the origin. It is harder to control the nonpoint pollution, due to not knowing where it is getting into the water. (Cunningham and Cunningham, 2008. p. 243) Ch10 Discussion Question 1: What changes might occur in the hydrologic cycle if our climate were too warm or cool significantly? A warmer climate causes more evaporation and a dryer ground, which results in
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Chapter_Questions-Wk4-Brehm - 1 Chapter Question Week 4...

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