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Lab 5 Outline - Melissa Murano I II III IV V Lab 5 Feb 26th...

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Melissa Murano Lab 5; Feb 26 th Sec. R3 I. Pre-Lab information a. Purpose of lab is to get started on lab report and learn how to use excel spreadsheets b. Sample: subset of the possible observations from a population (random) c. Inference: conclusion made based on available evidence d. Mathematical function: relationship where each value of the domain has one corresponding element in range i. Use Lab Link: What’s a Function II. Making a Spreadsheet Table: used for lab reports a. Open Excel and start on Table for Hypothetical Recall Experiment i. In B1: “words (in order of presentation)” ii.B2-H2: enter numbers 1-7 (order of words asked to recall) iii. B3-H3: enter: yellow, blue, red, green, purple, orange, pink iv. A3: enter SAMPLE #; A4-A8: enter numbers 1-5 (labels for samples) 1. In each row enter 1 if person recalled word and 0 if they did not 2. 1 st : yellow, pink, and orange (1 in B4, G4, H4 and 0 in C4 and F4) 3. 2 nd : purple and pink (1 in F5 and H5 and 0 in B5-E5 and G5) 4. Continue (3 rd : yellow, purple, pink;4 th
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