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Homework+2+Summer+2011 - Name ID Animal Behavior NPB 102...

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Name: ____________________ Animal Behavior ID #: _____________________ NPB 102 Homework 2 S u m m e r 2 0 1 1 This assignment is due at class on Thursday 21 July. You observe that your pet hamster consistently runs in its wheel only at night, not during the day. You suspect that this pattern may indicate that your pet’s wheel running schedule is dependent on an endogenous circadian rhythm. However, you are a creature of habit yourself. You always go to bed (and turn out your light – the hamster’s cage is in your room) at the same time early each evening, and arise (and turn on your light) at the same time early each morning. Consequently, there is one obvious alternative hypothesis that you must consider that could explain the regular night-time wheel- running activity of your pet. Below we provide the first hypothesis (the “circadian control hypothesis”). Your job is to state an obvious alternative hypothesis and then to design an experiment that tests these two hypotheses. To do this, you need to write down
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