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Name: Hemanth Naidu Student Id: 111-00-1275 Email:[email protected] 1) How can the Internet be used for competitive advantage business? Describe three firms which are using the Internet for conducting business and speculate as to the underlying technologies which might be in use in these firms. Will the Internet become an essential business tool like the telephone or will it go the way of the dinosaurs? What do you envision the Internet and web becoming in the future for businesses? Discuss. Information technology provides a platform for a company to connect the global world with Internet. Internet has a wide range of customers, buyers, service providers, technical staff, etc. with the help of Internet business can run on a single website like General Electric company Information system and technology provide various channels to communication like E-mail, Instant messages, SMS servers, etc to all employees at any time all over the world. This type of software helps to saving time and cost. Of the company Software are very important for a company for instant Information of stocks , assets valuation, sales, purchases, and service. Decision making is very easy to the management after IT because its provide latest information to the management for employee, stocks, sales, purchase, and services, etc Doing Business on the Internet is a persuasive book as much as a descriptive one. The heart of this tome is a series of case studies describing how companies are using the Internet. To assemble these case studies, Cronin visited and communicated with information managers known for evangelizing the benefits of Internet connection within their companies. She then conducted follow-up interviews via electronic mail. The results of her investigations are assembled together with an aim to persuade as well as describe. To persuade what? To persuade businesspersons that a whole slew of unforeseeable benefits can arise by connecting their employees to the Internet. The central thesis of this book is aptly illustrated in the section where Cronin explains how IBM was at first reluctant to offer Internet access to its employees. You would think that a behemoth computer company would be the first to comprehend the benefits of Internet access. Not so. Until a few years ago the prevailing attitude at IBM was that everything that IBM employees
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111-00-1275 - Name Hemanth Naidu Student Id...

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