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Unformatted text preview: 1 Unit 2 Project Scottie Marlow Software Engineering: IT 200-01 2 Unit 2 Project The project plan used by MKS would feature the following elements and priorities: > Smooth and painless data migration, by an MKS consultant, from old tools (MKS Integrity Standard and Track Integrity) to new, enterprise MKS Integrity solution > Training of 120 developers and 30 managers in 6 days using a lunch-and-learn approach with follow-up sessions with each development team > Use of built-in features for automation plus new, custom scripts to give even greater level of automation > Integration of MKS Integrity Manager with Microsoft Project to provide a single methodology for project management across all teams > Implementation of an approval model using the custom fields functionality within MKS Integrity Manager After finalizing priorities and mapping out the plan, Verizon Wireless implemented the MKS Integrity solution While the case study does state that the end result of the work that MKS did ended up saving...
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IT200_scottiemarlow_Unit2_Project - 1 Unit 2 Project...

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