Marlow Scottie MT451-01_scottiemarlow_Unit7_Project-5-10-11

Marlow Scottie MT451-01_scottiemarlow_Unit7_Project-5-10-11...

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1 Unit 7 Project Scottie Marlow MT451-01: Managing Technological Innovation
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2 Unit 7 Project Knox County Schools is a centralized firm; the central office is the main headquarters for Knox County Schools. All research and development is done at the central office as well as accounting and other resources. Other than the central office Knox County Schools has a separate office for maintenance and operations and then the thirty schools in Knox County are each run by a principal. The superintendant is the top dog in the chain but all decisions that are made for Knox County Schools must be approved by the board of education, while the superintendant is still the main boss, the board of education governs what takes place in the interest of the school system. Knox County Schools is utilizing a mechanistic structure. In this vertical structure positions, tasks, and responsibilities are all well defined across the board. The school system is run almost like the government, the superintendent is the president and the board of education is congress, and all the schools are like the states. The superintendent and his staff make up the
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Marlow Scottie MT451-01_scottiemarlow_Unit7_Project-5-10-11...

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