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1 Unit 2 Project Scottie Marlow MT451-01: Managing Technological Innovation
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2 Unit 2 Project The organization I have chosen for my projects is Knox County Schools. I live in Knox County in Knoxville Tennessee and my son goes to school at Powell middle school, one of the thirty schools located in Knox County. I have spent the past four months working as a custodian for Knox County Schools and I love working for the company but not being a custodian, so I have chosen to leave in search of a better job, wish me luck! Describe the relationship you have with your Final Project's organization. I have spent the past four months working for the organization and I feel that I know enough about them at this time to do the reviews required for my projects in this class. Also, I have connections with the staff if I have any questions because I am still on good terms with them. If your Final Project's organization is one that you would like to work for, explain why you chose that particular organization. I chose Knox County Schools because it has a very stable future and I would
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MT451-01_scottiemarlow_Unit2_Project-4-5-11 - 1 Unit 2...

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