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1 Unit 3 Project Scottie Marlow MT451-01: Managing Technological Innovation
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2 Unit 3 Project What is your selected organization's current position in their marketplace? Knox County Schools is run by the county so the only competition for market it has is that of the surrounding counties. There are 30-35 schools right now in Knox County, even though it is a county run organization it has to keep up with what surrounding counties are doing as far as innovation. Identify the various types of innovation found within your organization. Two types of innovations come to mind that are being currently used at Knox County Schools. Product innovation- currently KCS is using the most resent software for offices and students and the most resent equipment in offices and classrooms. On the logistics side of innovation KSC is using the best available machinery and chemicals to keep the school clean and efficient. Competence- enhancing innovations- being that the school system has been on place for so
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MT451-01_scottiemarlow_Unit3_Project-4-12-11 - 1 Unit 3...

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