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1 Unit 4 Project Scottie Marlow MT451-01: Managing Technological Innovation
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2 Unit 4 Project Knox County Schools has a strategic plan for its business strategy; the business strategy consists of a vision, mission, and a plan to recognize all together. All of this was put together in 2008 by the current Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jim McIntyre. Dr. McIntyre presented observations and findings from his first 100 working days and offered a vision for the Knox County Schools to the Knox County Board of Education. The Vision: The vision is to envision a future for the Knox County Schools where all of the students achieve at high levels and every school is a school of distinction; a future where high expectations and teacher collaboration are universal, and where data and technology are leveraged to improve instruction and deliver services at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The innovation and creativity will be a standard in teaching and managing in the school district. Parents and the
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MT451-01_scottiemarlow_Unit4_Project-4-18-11 - 1 Unit 4...

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