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Marlow Scottie MT451-01_scottiemarlow_Unit6_Project-5-3-11

Marlow Scottie MT451-01_scottiemarlow_Unit6_Project-5-3-11...

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1 Unit 6 Project Scottie Marlow MT451-01: Managing Technological Innovation
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2 Unit 6 Project Knox County Schools has is only just now contracting a Licensing agreement with a company to be able to make money off the identity of the school system and all of its controlled entities. This is actually a new development and is the first time that I have read about so far that the school system has had collaboration with anyone so far. Also in the resent budget meetings it has been suggested that money might be saved by contracting out the cleaning of the buildings to a service provider. Although, I have not heard anymore about it as the idea was met with a lot of criticism from the school board. The idea is still on the table but for right now it looks like they are more likely to cut more from technology instead. Knox County Schools is owned and operated by Knox County; the school system operates independently as it has no need for collaboration. KCS operates independently because it owns its own market so KCS has no competition and being that it is owned and run by Knox County, it never will. The main advantage of KCS being independent is that the decision making process goes a lot smoother, with less people to have opinions, decisions get put to practice faster.
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