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TIMS System Project Scope The TIMS system will be created that will track courses, instructors, students and grades. It will also track credits earned toward IT industry certification requirements and interface with the accounting system. This system will be accessible online through internet access. This application is expected to be installed and ready to use within six months. The TIMS system is designed to provide in house training system for SCR training group. The SCR training group will be responsible for training for their employees. A fifth corporate unit will be added to SCR internet site as we incorporate this new system. Services will be provided to
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Unformatted text preview: general public and traditional corporate clients. By assembling a group of IT professionals, both inside and outside of SCR, they will be responsible for developing the TIMS system. There are several limitations in regards to the new system. These factors that need to be taken into consideration are: courses will be offered in six months but online registration still will not be available online until a later date (TBA); industry preparation courses will not be available initially as only a selected number of courses will be offered....
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