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Group 3 wk 2 recommendation to Jesse .doc. Although SCR has been fairly successful without systems review committee, there is the need for the company to generate one. This is because systems review committee works well in larger companies and SCR is expanding. In addition, the company is becoming more diverse. This means the mechanism which existed from before may not be the best for the company due to the new diversified environment. The following are some recommendations that will be to the advantage of SCR and reasons it should consider one: Since SCR is growing rapidly, systems review committee will help it to evaluate systems request instead of depending on an individual or a couple of people to make critical decisions affecting the company.
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Unformatted text preview: • Furthermore, systems review committee approach will present SCR with diverse knowledge and experience from which it can choose from when deciding on crucial issues about the organization. • Also, since systems review committee presents a broad view of experience and knowledge, it will assist SCR to ascertain priorities in an effective and competent manner. By doing so will prevent the biasness of an individual or few people making decisions that will affect the company as a whole. • In addition, systems review committee includes managers from different departments. As a result, they can together analyze fundamental issues, problems and opportunities that need to be synthesized and find a best solution....
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