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CIS310 MIDTERM EXAM STUDY GUIDE (Chapters 1 through 3) Chapter 1. Managing in the Digital World Information Systems Today Define the terms ‘knowledge worker’ and ‘knowledge society’ What is New economy? What is globalization? What is the difference between information systems and information technology? People that build and manage information systems (review Table 1.3) What are the responsibilities of CIO? Core competencies of an IS Professional (what is technical, business and system competency?) What are the different types of Information Systems used in Organizations? o Review Table 1.6 and have a good understanding of the purpose for different types of systems ± How transaction processing systems differ from management information systems? ± What do office automation systems do? ± What is the difference between GIS, CRM, ERP and SCM systems ? ± What do intelligent systems do? Downsizing and Outsourcing
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