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In unit 5 of Student Learning Success at Columbia Southern University, the SQ3R system helps students improve their reading comprehension. This system was developed by Professor Francis in 1941. It helps the student break down the material into manageable segments that allows you to understand the material before moving on to become a more effective reader. This system was developed to help students understand material that was assigned to them for a class. In breaking the material down to better understand it is the last 2 steps which are reciting and reviewing the material. Most students tend not to open a textbook for fun so usually it is difficult to just read text and understand it and be able to retain the information taken from the material. This is why the SQ3R system is effective; it helps students with other steps beside just the reading portion to grasp the material When reading a book for pleasure I actually survey the book which is the first step of the SQ3R system but that is where
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Unformatted text preview: it stops besides the actual reading of the material. The reason for this is to make sure I am reading material that will interest me. I wouldnt want to start reading material that a quarter of the way in find out that it doesnt interest me and stop reading. After surveying material I will tend to read it whenever I have a free moment. Usually when I am reading something for pleasure I tune everything out and nothing will usually break my concentration. When reading something for pleasure I will read it and that is it. After reading a book for pleasure I will not review or even recite the main point of the text because I am reading for myself and not to be able to answers questions from a test. References Ferrett, S. & Feldman, R. (2008) Student learning success at Columbia Southern University. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill....
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