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unit 7 essay 1 - During the time of expansion in the United...

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During the time of expansion in the United States pioneers who ventured westward ran into different problems before settling. Expansion into Oregon was relatively peaceful unlike that in Texas. In Out of many: a history of the American people, Oregon fit the example of the stages of frontier development. From the 1780s to around 1810, pioneers ventured into Oregon to trade with the local Indian people. During this time the Spanish, British, Russian and Americans traded for sea otter skins (Faragher, Buhle, Czitrom, & Armitage, 2009). This was the first “frontier of inclusion” where there were many encounters between the local Indians and Europeans. From this time to around 1840, many different groups of people including Hawaiians, French, eastern Indians, and local Indians crossed paths and the “frontier of inclusion” yet these encounters proved deadly to the local Indians because they were unable to fight disease that were brought over from Europe (Faragher et al., 2009). In 1846 the British and United States concluded a treaty establishing the 49
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