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In unit 8 of Student Learning Success at Columbia Southern University, we learned various techniques of stress management. Stress is something that we all deal with and a little stress can be productive and motivate us to achieve our goals in life. These techniques combat stress relaxing the body, renewing the mind and by helping with good planning. A few of these techniques that work for me are exercising regularly, taking mini-vacations, and keeping a log. Being in the military I am required to exercise regularly to maintain my physical readiness. Exercising helps us maintain our health which is I believe to be the most important thing about life. While being a college student it is important to exercise to maintain a sound body which in terms keeps a sound mind. There have been many instances where I am stressed and I will go for a long run as a way to channel my stress into something productive. By exercising it relaxes your body and mind, thus making it easier to overcome the anxieties brought on by stress. During a typical day at work I go on a rollercoaster of emotional changes dealing with stress, anxiety, anger, and
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