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Today’s workforce is a very diverse one; there are many people from different races, creeds, religious beliefs, and genders working together. Because of this many of us bring our beliefs to work and they affect on how we operate. In Contemporary management , Douglas McGregor proposed two sets of assumptions about how work behavior and attitudes affect now only how management view them but how they behave in the organization. These two set of assumptions In Contemporary management , McGregor’s Theory X give the assumption that workers as inherently lazy, dislikes work, and will try to do as little as possible to get by (Jones & George, 2008). Theory Y is the opposite, it assumes that workers are not lazy, they like to work, and if given the opportunity, will do good for the organization (Jones & George, 2008). Under these two theories Managers would develop a way of interacting with their workers. Managers who accept the assumptions of McGregor's Theory X are likely to design a very different work situation than
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