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In Contemporary management , there are two basic types of sexual harassment, one of which is direct and the other is indirect. The two forms are quid pro sexual harassment which is more extreme and then there is hostile work environment sexual harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when a harasser which is usually in a superior position, ask or forces an employee to perform sexual favors in order to receive a promotion, keep their jobs, get preferential work assignments, receive a raise, and many other reasons (Jones & George, 2008). One example of quid pro quo sexual harassment would be is a manager asking a subordinate to perform a sexual act in order to receive a promotion to assistant manager. A second example would be a subordinate catching a superior stealing from the company and to prevent the employee from reporting it he or she request sexual favors to keep him or her from reporting the situation to top management. Hostile work environment sexual harassment is the most common form of sexual harassment
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