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Two-thirds of internet users are unconcerned that they are violating copyright laws, while only 29 percent say that they do care and 6 percent have no opinion to the issue according to Charles W.Moore.Its stated that eighty percent of full-time students and almost three- quarters of part-time students say that they do not care whether the files they share are copyrighted or not in review by Charles W.Moore. Martin Peitz says that one cannot accuse the music industry of being imaginative. Instead of adapting to the internet, it is using the law to try to change the very features of the internet that makes it so successful, filling highly publicized lawsuits against those potential customers who happen now to tap specialized websites to get ,for free, the music they want to hear. Grossman, says that all this does bring into stark relief a basic question that haunts the music
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Unformatted text preview: industry. Can consumers be trusted to control their own music without pirating the record labels and the artists they produce right into the ground? Regarding the importance attributed to and satisfaction to the product/song. Security of the source ,variety of available music, quality, copyright, and legitimacy of the source are found to be significant in determining the choice says Ibrahim Sirkeci. Charles W.Moore says that the real conundrum face by the music industry due to piracy can be fairly compensated for their work given to the technological realities of our time, and he adds on that he doesn't really have the question, but maybe the orientation should be to abandon the futile fixation on prohibiting unauthorized private copying and think of more innovative means of compensation and protection....
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