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Communication Techniques In order to build a personal experience with a customer of course trust is the main factor. To build trust with a customer you must be able to connect with them by maybe asking them how their day is going or what the weather is like where they are. Your tone is very important. Setting the correct tone at the beginning of the call will develop a great rapport with the customer. Once the issue is identified try giving experiences of your own to be able to relate with what the customer is going through. This helps the costumer feel comfortable about the situation and less frustrated. Showing sympathy lightens the mood and shows them that you do care. Going above and beyond makes the customer feels as if they matter and not just another call out of your day. It leaves them with a great experience. In my prior work experience with being a customer advocate I’ve experience several situations where building a relationship with the customer was vital. For instance a
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Unformatted text preview: customer called in to the insurance company where I was employed and was very upset and frustrated that a payment that she had made to the company had not been presented to her bank yet. I immediately apologized for the inconvenience and advised her that I could definitely be able to assist with the issue. She began to tell me that all the prior representatives she had spoken to would not help her or didn’t know how to help the situation. I explained to the customer that I was able to view the past information and saw exactly what the issue was. I solved the issue and even did a follow up with the customer to be sure the problem still did not exist. I advised the customer that I too had a similar situation with my bank and advised how what steps to take with the insurance company to avoid any future issues. In the end the insured was relieved and grateful for the prompt response and my knowledge....
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