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Health 130--CHAPTER 1 Introduction to PH Public Health Mission : the fulfillment of society’s interest in assuring the conditions in which people can be healthy with organized community efforts aimed at preventing disease and promoting health Core Functions 1. Assessment 2. Policy Development 3. Assurance Public Health vs. Medicine -- Community and Populations -- Individual -- Primary Prevention -- Tertiary Prevention -- Diagnose using PH science -- Diagnose from biology + med techno -- Treat w/ new policies and interventions -- Treat w/ new policies and interventions -- GOAL: Prevention -- GOAL: Cure 1% of nation’s total health spending is spent on public health Prevention is accomplished by interrupting the chain of causation at any step SCIENCES OF PUBLIC HEALTH Epidemiology - The study of the distribution and determinants of health outcomes in human populations (the basic science of public health) Perform the assessment function of public health Investigate causes of disease an how to limit exposure Identify trends in occurrence – prevalence and incident rates Influences the need for services Evaluates the effectiveness of interventions Statistics – Involves collecting data of populations in order to calculate risks and benefits these numbers used as diagnostic tools for the health of the comm. Environmental Health Science – evaluating health effects of environmental exposer air and water quality solid and hazardous wastes safe food and drug effects of global environment change Biomedical Sciences – provide an understanding of how infectious agents are spread and how they affect the human body Infectious and chronic diseases, and genetics Science Of Public Health : - how we understand threats to health - determining which interventions might work - evaluating if intervention worked Politics of Public Health: - how we as a society decide which policies to implement
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THE PUBLIC HEALTH APPROACH 1. Define the health problem 2. Identify the risk factors associated with the problem 3. Develop and test community-level interventions to control or prevent the cause of the prob
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HLTH130-Class Notes - Health 130-CHAPTER 1 Introduction to...

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