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Unformatted text preview: COB fl https1Hliveonline.kaplest.comeKVL1010?|auncher=false CKVLlDlO Meeting Room SA Meaga To Ensure smooth salllng far your event, run the bath fleck and audla setup wlzardr Tech shack: Wm mm new Audi: Setup Wizard: Meetings 3 Manage My Set-thugs > Audlo Setup Ward 'MIKE: Thanks forjommg us tnrlight. w I get getting started at 8:30 EST! 'MIKE: "and ya, [11‘s Is the PCAT Prac‘tloe Test :) nehaben panel: hi '1’: MEENU: Mum: 'MIKE: Make sure to keep your answers to yourself! Wti‘oe them down of type them and don't lose them! 1. Labels primfily shuttle which nutrimt? A. B. C. I). Carbohydrates Pmteins Fatty acids Salts ...
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