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Unformatted text preview: O O B CKVLlDlO Meeting Room fl https1Hliveonline.kaplest.comeKVL1010?|auncher=false SA Meaga To Ensure smooth salllng far your event, . . run the huh deck and audla 14. In which oflhc follcvmng phms clEflJc cell cycle setup wlzardr Tech check: does cell dmsuon occux? Wm WWW 3- M new Audi: Setup B. G Wizard: Meetings 3 Manage I My Settlngs > Audio Setup (3- 5 Ward D. 6: 'MIKE: Thanks forjommg us tnrlight. w I get getting started at 8:39 EST! 'MIKE: "and ya, [11‘s Is the PCAT Prac‘tloe Test :) nehaben panel: hi '1’: MEENU: Mum: 'MIKE: Make sure to keep your answers to yourself! “hit: them down of type them and don't lose them! ...
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