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Unformatted text preview: CKVLlDlO Meeting Room Setup WEaldl Meetings > . Mariag! My Sum-i9: > 15- Which compmmd would NOT be expected to react Audio Setup lear'd with sodium Irma]? 'MIKE: Thanks for joining us tanig M. we'll get getting started at 3:30 esri *MIKE: ..and ya. thls is the CH3CH20H A. B. Parr Practloe Tat :1 C. CH30001-l nehaben panel: I‘ll "I‘A MEENIJ: Mum: D' CGHSOH 'MIKE: Make sure to keen your answers to yourself! Write them down or type them and don't I09: them! Christine Vuduzco: do we just write our answus down on paper? 'MIKE: Yes. v0u will inpul them into the wmwler any the testis over (1113mm3 ...
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