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Unformatted text preview: CKVLlDlO Meeting Room 19. Which of the following is ml oqua] to Avogadm’s Setup “heard: Meetings > number? Manage My Swings > Audlo Sell-ID leard A. the numlrr of slams in [[2 lira-s ofoxygcn -MIKE: Thanks for lain-”nu at STP us tonight. we'll get getting started at 8:30 ESI'F B. the numbcr of atoms in 1 mole of He at STP *MIKE: ..and ya. thls is the - m1. Frame: Tat :1 C. the number of protons In 500 mL of] M nehaben panel: nl H2504 'Tfl MEENl-II Mum the number of SOfi' ions in 1 liter of] N 'MIKE: Make sure to keen H 50 your answers to yourself! 2 4 Write them down or type them and don't lose them! Chrlshlne Vuduzco: do we just wnte our answus down on paper? 'MIKE: Yes. v0u will inpul them into the computer afler the test Is over ...
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