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Unformatted text preview: 0 8 CKVLlDlO Meeting Room iueon|ine.kaptest.con'l{CKVL1010?|auncher=false ( ilJi. . ystalPode‘cDrn _. - mm. Quantitative Ability - 2 Ability 18 min nape My Settings > cllo Setup Wizard IKE: Thanks for Joining tonight, we'll get getting .rted at 8:30 EST! IKE: “and yes. this Is the AT Practice Test :) when pabei: hi it MEENU: Meenu IKE: Make sure I30 keep Jr answers to yourseil! Ite them down or type EITI and don't lose them! nistme Verduzco: do we .t write our answers down paper? IKE: Yes. you will input am into the mmputer er the test is over IKE: Keep up the great rk everyone! —""l 4. Acertein company empons 25 women and25 men. Some employees drive to work. and the rest lake public imnspomfion. If 29 employees drive to work. and exactly 6 men take public transportation. how many worm-n drive to work? A. 6 B. 8 C. to D. H ill-in ...
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