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Unformatted text preview: 08 https:NIiueonline.kap1est.comeK\I'L1910?|auncher=false CKVLlDlO Meeting Room ( -.IJ ystalPode‘cDrn _. - F..- - \_ Ability 18 min nape My Settings > cllo Setup Wizard IKE: Thanks for Joining tonight, we'll get getting .rted at 8:30 EST! IKE: “and yes, this Is the AT Prentice Test :) when pabei: hi it MEENU: Meenu IKE: Make sure I30 keep Jr answers to yourseil! Ite them down or type in and don't lose them! nistme Verduzco: do we .1: write our answers down pa per? IKE: Yes. you will input am into the mmputer er the test is over IKE: Keep up the great rk everyone! when Quantitative Ability 11. How many ofthc positive divisors of I92 are also multiples of a? A. 12 10 8 6 n‘ Fl ...
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