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LIFESPAN EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE Dependent variable: the factor that can change Independent variable: the manipulated factor, the potential cause Correlation: relation, not causation, measured by correlation coefficient anywhere from -1 to +1 An organism’s entire genetic inheritance: genome/genotype Chromosomes of males: XY Chromosomes of females: XX Monzygotic twins: Identical twins Dizygotic twins: Fraternal twins Teratogen: agents and conditions, including viruses, drugs, chemicals, stressors, and malnutrition, which can impair prenatal development and lead to birth defects or even death. For physical defects, the critical period is the entire period of the embryo. Apgar: Scale used to assess newborns at 1-5 minutes after birth. Evaluates infant heart rate, respiration, muscle tone, body color, and reflexes. Each scored a 0, 1 or 2. Total score of 7-10 is good, 5 some difficulties, 3 or below emergency, baby may die 1st trimester, what would an MD Rx for a woman who had taken prescription drugs?
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Unformatted text preview: avoid as many non-essential medicines as possible. Folic acid. Taking any medicine during pregnancy is all about weighing the pros and cons. Teratogen that harms prenatal brain: alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc. Co-sleeping: when one or more parents sleep with the baby. Some feel it creates bonding, some feel it is dangerous i.e. threat of crushing/smothering baby. Fuction of neurotransmitters: to send message across the synapse. Transient exuberance: brain growth rapid, seen in dendrites Pruning: Underused neurons are inactivated or “pruned” Genotype: all genetic material — internally coded, inheritable information Phenotype: observable expression of the genetic material Down syndrome: trisomy 21—extra chromosome causes mild retardation and physical abnormalities Genetic disorders in dominant gene are frequently expressed. Age of viability: 24-25 weeks or 6 months in utero...
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