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Unformatted text preview: 11-8-10 Section RT Lab: LR8 Standard Plate Count Results: Phase Dilution Factor Colonies—Sample 1 Colonies—Sample 2 Tube 2 10 -4 50 100 Tube 3 10 -5 TFTC TFTC Tube 4 10 -6 TFTC TFTC Tube 5 10 -7 TFTC TFTC Conclusion: The average number of colonies from Tube 2’s A1 and A2 plates was 75. The others were all too few to count. OCD= CFU/FDF CSU= 75, FDF= 10 -4 ml CSU= 75 x 10,000 The original density of E. coli in the broth was 750,000 CFU/ml Discussion: The serial dilution only produced only one countable plate of colonies, in the first dilution plate. Using parallel plates insured accuracy, and the same results were achieved on each set of plates. ...
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