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Unformatted text preview: 12-8-10 RT LR12: Transformation Objective: Genetic Engineering of Bacteria with Plasmids Results Table: Plate Inoculu m LB/AMP E. coli + DNA LB/AMP/A RA Number of Colonies 100 LB/AMP E. coli + DNA E. coli DNA none LB E. coli DNA Cannot determine 50 Appearance in Ambient Light Green and blue circular growth, semi transparent Fuzzy yellow transparent growth No growth Thin, semitransparent white, creamy, rough growth Appearanc e in UV light Does not glow Glows! Does not glow Does not glow Discussion/Conclusion: The bacterial transformation of the E. coli was a success. It picked up DNA plasmids from the transformatin solution, and this was observed through the glowing on LB/AMP/ARA plate. The ones that did not glow had not taken up the plasmid/DNA. Transformation is used in genetic engineering to propogate certain genetic traits. ...
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