Micro_SelectiveMedia - and other factors allows...

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10-6-10 Section RT Lab: Selective Media (EMB, PIA, MSA) Objective: Examine the use of selective/differential media with Gram-positive/Gram-negative organisms Results: Growth of Media Organisms EMB MSA PIA E. coli Growth: Irregular raised, bumpy, white No growth Enterobacter Growth: Smooth border, shiny, semi- translucent with orange tint No growth Ps. Aeruginusa Growth: Shiny, smooth, translucent Growth: White semi- translucent, irregular shape, smooth S. aureus Growth: Yellow, elevated, round, opaque, shiny appearance S. epidermidis No growth Conclusion: The selective media favored the growth of certain organisms while inhibiting others, and in some cases allows observation of chemical reactions. Using a medium that provides the right nutrients, pH,
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Unformatted text preview: and other factors allows differentiation between organisms, such as in the case of the psuedamona isolation agar. Discussion: A few unexpected results were that Staphylococcus epidermidis should have grown in the Mannitol Salt Agar, but no growth was present. This could be due to poor aseptic technique or a poor sample obtained from the broth. Also, E. coli growth on EMB typically has a green sheen to it, but the growth I observed did not. Using selective media was interesting because it demonstrated how fastidious bacteria are. It’s really important to have quick and decisive differentiating techniques if time is of the essence in testing for certain infections....
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Micro_SelectiveMedia - and other factors allows...

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