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Chapter 7 Microbial Nutrition, Ecology, and Growth Chapter Outline 7.1. Microbial Nutrition A. Introduction 1. Nutrition 2. Nutrients a. Essential b. Macronutrients c. Micronutrients or “trace elements” B. Chemical analysis of microbial cytoplasm 1. Water 2. Proteins 3. Organic compounds 4. Chemical elements C. Sources of essential nutrients 1. Carbon sources a. Heterotroph b. Autotroph 2. Nitrogen sources 3. Oxygen sources 4. Hydrogen sources a. Maintain pH b. Form hydrogen bonds between molecules c. Serve as source of free energy in oxidation-reduction reactions 5. Phosphorus (phosphate) sources 6. Sulfur sources 7. Other nutrients important in microbial metabolism 8. Growth factors: Essential organic nutrients a. Include amino acids, a nitrogenous base, or a vitamin that cannot be synthesized by an organism. b. Haemophilus influenzae 9. How microbes feed: Nutritional types a. Phototrophs b. Chemotrophs 10. Autotrophs and their energy sources a. Photoautotrophs i. Plants, algae, some bacteria b. Chemoautotrophs i. Methanogens c. Lithoautotrophs 11. Heterotrophs and their energy sources a. Chemoheterotrophs i. Aerobic respiration ii. Fermentation c. Saprobic microorganisms i. Obligate saprobe ii. Facultative parasite 7-1
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iii. Opportunistic pathogens d. Parasitic microorganisms i. Pathogens ii. Obligate parasites
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Outline_Chapter_07 - Chapter 7 Microbial Nutrition,...

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