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Unformatted text preview: 12-6-10 Section RT Lab: LR11 Gram Negative Biochemical Testing Objective: Examine the metabolism of microorganisms Results: Sucrose Glucose Lactose MR/VP Citrate TSI Nitrate Urea Sulfur reduction SIM Indole Motility Phenyl alanine E. aerogenosa A/G A/G A/+ + A/A E. coli -/A/G A/G + A/A/g+/H2S- + + - + - P. mirabilis K A/K + + K/K [sulfur (H2S) no fermentation] + + + + + + Conclusion/Discussion: E. coli was positive for methyl red, TSI, and indole. E. aerogenosa was positive for Voge’s Prauskauer, citrate, and motility. P. mirabilis metabolized glucose but there was no fermentation, and it was positive for methyl red, citrate, nitrate, urease, sulfur reduction, indole, motility and phenyl alanine. E. aerogenosa metabolized and fermented both sucrose and glucose, while E. coli was able to metabolize and create fermentation with both glucose and lactose. E. aerogenosa was able to metabolize lactose but no fermentation was evident. The test results were consistent with the outcomes expected. These tests showed the various ways in which you can differentiate between different gut bacteria within Enterobacteriaceae, which is valuable in identifying an unknown organism. ...
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