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Unformatted text preview: In my research and writing of the papers that I have written I have found that there are seven different aspects of writing process that helped to improve the way that I write and research everything in order to make it more understandable and flow together so that when you read it you can get an understanding of what is written. When it comes to the seven steps I start with the main important one and that is research. The research is based on the investigation that is done on the subject that you are writing about. When you research what you need you should look at the order of the subject. We must look at the document that we are writing and the information that we look at and what is available to us in that subject. When researching we need to look at the simple things such as demos, and letters that can be more complex and will probably require you to grasp a better understanding of the research and what it is that you do understand. The next step that I follow is the organization because it relates to the decisions that you do understand....
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