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ABC Inc. Security Assessment Tool - Microsoft Security...

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Microsoft Security Assessment Tool For Midsize Organizations ABC Inc. Completed 22-Jun-11 12:10 PM This report contains the following sections: b Executive Summary r Introduction r Background: Assessment Process and Scope r Situation Analysis r Scorecard r Security Initiatives b Assessment in Detail r Areas of Analysis r Infrastructure r Applications r Operations r People b Prioritized Action List b Appendices r Questions and Answers r Glossary r Interpreting the Graphs A Microsoft partner can review this report with you and help with developing a detailed action plan for implementing the recommendations. If you do not have an existing relationship with a Microsoft partner, you may wish to view a list of Microsoft Partners for Security Solutions at . The Microsoft Security Assessment Tool is designed to help you determine the level of risk your computing infrastructure faces and the steps you have taken to mitigate that risk, and to offer suggestions of additional steps you can take to help further reduce your level of risk. It is not a replacement for an audit by a professional security consultant. Use of the Microsoft Security Assessment Tool is governed by the terms of the End-User License Agreement (EULA) which accompanied the software, and this report is subject to the exclusions, disclaimers, and limitations of liability contained in the EULA. This report is for informational purposes only. Neither Microsoft Corporation, its suppliers, or partners make any representation or warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, concerning the Security Assessment Tool, or the use, accuracy, or reliability of the results of the Assessment and information contained in this report. Page 1 of 55 Microsoft Security Assessment Tool 6/22/2011 file://C:\Users\dirobert\AppData\Local\BISTAC\MSAT\Assessments\Diane\report\Compl. ..
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Executive Summary Introduction This Microsoft Security Assessment Tool is designed to assist you with identifying and addressing security risks in your computing environment. The tool employs a holistic approach to measuring security strategy by covering topics across people, process, and technology. Findings are coupled with recommended mitigation efforts, including links to more information for additional guidance if needed. These resources may assist you in learning more about the specific tools and methods that can help increase the security of your environment. This summary section is intended to give IT and senior managers a snapshot of the company's overall security posture. Detailed findings and recommendations can be found in the detailed report following. Background: Assessment Process and Scope The assessment is designed to identify the business risk of your organization and the security measures deployed to mitigate risk. Focusing on common issues in this market segment, the questions have been developed to provide a high-level security risk assessment of the technology, processes, and people that support the business.
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ABC Inc. Security Assessment Tool - Microsoft Security...

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